Christian Marriage Bed


The Christian Marriage Bed is an often used term in Christian media. The term Christian Marriage Bed is used as a euphemism for Christian Sexuality within the context of marriage.

The obvious question is why?
The fact that a discussion of Christian sexuality needs to be expressed in this manner is in my opinion indicative of the issues that surround Christian Sexuality.

Is it out of some sense of propriety that the subject of Christian sexuality needs to be vaguely framed in these terms?

So to be abundantly clear and frank, this article is about SEX! Yes within the context of a Christian marriage but still, hot, steamy, passionate, fantastic sex.

Learn How To Have Sex As God Intended For You And Your WifeIf you find my enthusiastic descriptions a little disturbing then you might want to consider hitting the back button in your Internet browser now, because I’m about to get more enthusiastic!

Learn How To Have Sex As God Intended For You And Your Wife!

To be perfectly frank, I love my time in the Christian marriage bed! Not that it necessarily has to be in the bed but it’s certainly a good starting point. I love sex, I look forward to sex and my wife feels the same way. It is one of the great experiences of life and if you don’t feel it is for you, then it is most definitely something you need to address, because it should be.

Dissatisfaction with their sex lives is a very common problem in Christian marriage. There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of these problems.

The discussion of sex is taboo in many Christian households. Children, particularly female children are raised to believe that sex is not nice and certainly not be discussed. Christian children’s knowledge of sex is largely gleaned from their peers and the media, which are not necessarily the most informed sources.

Whilst they may learn about the biological aspects of “making babies” in school, the more difficult to discuss aspects may be overlooked or only touched upon.

Discover Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian WifeSo our children are often raised in an environment where sexuality and its place in a Christian marriage, are largely a mystery. Of course they are well versed in the the basic Christian teachings that premarital sex is wrong and adultery is a mortal sin. This only serves to strengthen their opinion that sex is somehow “wrong.”

As our children reach their mid teens their hormone driven fascination with sex only becomes stronger, yet at the same time they are confronted with this vague notion that the whole subject of sexuality is taboo. Is it any wonder that sexual dysfunction is common when they finally enter into a Christian relationship?

Discover Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife!

So if you find yourself in a marriage, where the sexual aspects of the relationship are far from satisfactory, what can you do? Well for some answers I would suggest taking a look at the next article in this series, Christian Sex. It is a frank discussion of sexuality within a Christian marriage. The sexual practices that Christian couples can explore and how they relate to the teachings of the Bible.

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